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Atlantic Basin Satellite Imagery

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Atlantic Satellite Regions

Texas, Water Vapor Time-Series

GOES - Texas, 2014-04-21T08:45:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-21T08:45:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-21T08:15:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-21T08:15:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-21T07:45:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-21T07:45:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-21T07:15:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-21T07:15:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-21T06:45:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-21T06:45:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-21T06:15:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-21T06:15:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-21T05:45:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-21T05:45:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-21T05:15:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-21T05:15:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-21T04:45:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-21T04:45:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-21T04:15:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-21T04:15:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-21T03:45:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-21T03:45:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-21T03:15:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-21T03:15:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-21T02:45:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-21T02:45:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-21T02:15:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-21T02:15:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-21T01:45:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-21T01:45:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-21T01:15:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-21T01:15:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-21T00:45:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-21T00:45:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-21T00:15:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-21T00:15:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T23:45:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T23:45:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T23:15:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T23:15:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T22:45:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T22:45:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T22:15:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T22:15:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T21:45:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T21:45:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T21:15:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T21:15:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T20:45:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T20:45:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T20:15:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T20:15:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T19:45:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T19:45:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T19:15:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T19:15:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T18:45:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T18:45:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T18:15:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T18:15:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T17:45:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T17:45:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T17:15:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T17:15:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T16:45:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T16:45:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T16:15:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T16:15:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T15:45:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T15:45:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T15:15:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T15:15:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T14:45:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T14:45:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T14:15:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T14:15:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T13:45:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T13:45:00
GOES - Texas, 2014-04-20T13:15:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-20T13:15:00
Source: NOAA Geostationary East-12 and Meteosat-8 satellites.

Texas, WV, 2014-04-21T08:45:00 (GOES)

GOES - Texas, 2014-04-21T08:45:00
Texas, WV, 2014-04-21T08:45:00
Source: NOAA Geostationary East-12 and Meteosat-8 satellites.