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Stormpulse reduces weather risk for a broad range of industries including energy, transportation, defense, healthcare, and retail. Businesses and government agencies subscribe to Stormpulse to improve their long-range planning and daily decision-making surrounding the arrival and impact of significant weather events in the continental United States and Caribbean.

Company Milestones

PHOTO: Stormpulse at work in the White House Situation Room, 2009–Present.

  1. 2004 | Stormpulse begins as the fulfillment of a personal need to track tropical cyclones.
  2. 2006 | Co-workers Matthew Wensing and Brad Wiemerslage become co-founders and Stormpulse is incorporated.
  3. 2008 | Over 4 million people visit the site during a very active Atlantic hurricane season. Hundreds of media outlets, including CNN, begin using Stormpulse to display tracking information.
  4. 2010 | Weather coverage expands to severe weather across the United States. Groups of employees at companies including FedEx, the Department of Homeland Security, and U.S. Steel begin subscribing to the company's instant weather intelligence.
  5. 2011 | Business subscriptions are extended to include the native iPad app and probability-based alerting. Farmer's Insurance and Temple-Inland adopt Stormpulse into their enterprises.

Business Solutions

PHOTO: Mapping 409 alert (store) locations, color-coded by region.

Stormpulse monitors weather threats to your operation by combining the location of your facilities with the latest forecasts and observations from the National Weather Service. Our system continuously renders the relationship between your operation and these weather events on an interactive map accessible to your entire organization over the web. Meanwhile, based on the assessed vulnerabilities of your operation, we immediately route weather alerts via email and text message to relevant personnel based on your preferences and filters regarding the type of weather event, the threatened facility, and the personnel you'd like to notify. Learn more about our business solutions »


Last year Stormpulse provided over 4 million people and numerous Fortune 500 companies with a beautiful solution that automatically delivers actionable insight. We welcome the opportunity to prove that we can make your operation more weather secure.

Stormpulse delivers the greatest value to large, geographically-distributed operations. Our references include Temple-Inland, Humana Healthcare, and Farmer's Insurance.


Matthew Wensing, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
In late 2004, Matthew Wensing began writing the software behind Stormpulse while his family in South Florida lived through the threats of hurricanes Charley, Frances, and Jeanne. Believing that the market was underserved, Wensing embarked on a mission to develop the world's best interactive weather maps. Since then, he has continuously cast and refined a vision for the company in tune with the needs of weather-affected individuals and industries.

Brad Wiemerslage, Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer
As an expert in product design, software project management, and the construction of scalable and reliable systems, Wiemerslage combines the disciplines of engineering and user experience. His technical vision insists on products that are high-performance and easy to use.


Stormpulse - Maps and alerts that save hours per day.

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